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Birthday Lobster!

(viewed 940 times)
It was sooooo nice!
(Except when my lovely friend Ray ate it's eye)
27th Dec 2005, 15:12   comments (1)


'Ah So' Teppanyaki fun!
27th Dec 2005, 15:09   comments (0)

Oh dear...

(viewed 823 times)
Usual last-day-in-the-office-until-Christmas hijinks! God I look silly
23rd Dec 2005, 11:56   comments (4)

Best Mousemat Ever

(viewed 654 times)
Thank you Tabby!
My old manky one nearly took my hand off the other day with its horrendously
frayed edges!
23rd Dec 2005, 09:56   comments (0)

Happy Birthday to Me!

(viewed 835 times)
Why oh why am I working today? *scratches head*
Apologies for cartoonising my pic on my phone before submission, must be
insecurity. Maybe i'll post the original one soon ;oP
23rd Dec 2005, 09:10   comments (25)

Post-sculptured Ice!

(viewed 827 times)
It seems yesterday's scultures have been destroyed! Looks good though - even
19th Dec 2005, 15:17   comments (2)

He's baaaaaaack!

(viewed 715 times)
Larking about at the office part-ay!
19th Dec 2005, 12:22   comments (2)

Ice Ice Baby

(viewed 650 times)
Yesterday, whilst Christmas shopping in Norwich, there were loads of these
ice sculptures dotted around town. I only took pictures of 2 of them because
I had too much shopping to use my arms when I found more!
19th Dec 2005, 12:10   comments (4)