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Is this more Autumn?

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Hey SR- for you. The natives don't do Autumn, only the imports..
27th Apr 2008, 04:13   comments (5)

ANZAC Day Galipoli service 2008

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Never forget.
26th Apr 2008, 01:22   comments (4)

More signs of autumn

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13th Apr 2008, 07:27   comments (6)

Storm over Katoomba

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These were taken from in front of Blue Mountains TAFE in Katoomba. For all you Brits, you'll note the bus was originally from London and now does tours of the Katoomba area.
13th Apr 2008, 07:27   comments (0)

Fairy thoughts

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She is too fond of books and it has addled her brain.....
.... Very addled today
3rd Apr 2008, 04:32   | tags:,,,comments (2)

I couldn't decide...

(viewed 589 times) I bought both (they were on special). Rampant consumerism maybe, but my
last pair (plain pink ones) lasted 10 years so I reckon these will last into
my old age. And its too much fun wearing these into the carpentry class when
they're about to do a concrete pour. Some blokes have no sense of humour!
24th Feb 2008, 04:27   comments (8)

Mouse or????

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This little fella was just outside the door the other night. I can't
quite tell if it's a mouse or a miniature kangaroo/wallaby/quokka. It
took off when I wasn't watching so I don't know how it moves- hop or
run. Just as well it has the brains not to come into the house.
18th Feb 2008, 05:40   comments (1)

Australia Day 2008

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Some celebrate, some mourn, but in the end Australia is a wonderful place to
live and there's much to appreciate.
26th Jan 2008, 01:51   | tags:comments (11)