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Beautiful way to start the day

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7am this morning. I look out the back door into my yard and there sits
peacefully, my wallaby having breakfast of grass and seed that I left
out for the birds- not that the wallaby knew or cared- its just food. I
feel at peace with the world.
8th Jul 2008, 00:11   comments (1)

More Winter Magic

21st Jun 2008, 07:14   comments (3)

Winter Magic 3

The Drummers were amazing- they had about 8 huge drums that they were
belting the daylights out of as they pushed the bamboo frame holding them UP
the street. The street is at about a 45 degree incline!
The Red Hat ladies are a bit of good fun.
Not sure of the significance of the tall papier mache lady. The Town Crier
(chap in hat) is ceremonial only.
21st Jun 2008, 07:14   comments (0)

Winter Magic FEstival 2008

Katoomba likes to celebrate the Winter Solstice with a street festival and
parade. It was about 10C with a wind chill to about zero- cold but heaps of
21st Jun 2008, 06:54   comments (0)

felting tool

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OK. So I said I wouldn't get time but last night I played with a lethal
new toy- a felting tool with 5 of the sharpest needles in it to felt
wool. Not satisfied with that I then had to add some pizzazz with some
sequins and beads- now it's a brooch. A bit daggy but it's me!**********************************************************************
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17th Jun 2008, 03:25   comments (1)

The haul

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Lots of fun stuff to play with over the next millennium!
14th Jun 2008, 08:55   comments (5)

Craft and Quilt Show 2008

For G, Some of the quilts and the crowd at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Show.
I spent a fortune and had a great day. Now totalled and need sleep. Then
need to find knitting needles, felting thingy and 200 hours more in the week
for new crafts. :-)
14th Jun 2008, 08:30   comments (3)

No respect for others...

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I have just received a note from our local police about a sportsman's medal that was stolen and was reported on the national news this week. Turns out it was stolen from my street probably by some teenagers. Stuff like that doesn't happen here and it only takes one stupid event like this to make non-locals think its like the wild west up here instead of the quiet place that it is. Most of the crime here is perpetrated by blow-ins who have no respect for others.
8th Jun 2008, 02:54   comments (2)