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Road Train

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Get out of the way! They stink and take up to 1km to stop so don't make them
slam on the brakes or you're dead.

Things you should know about Broome

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1. Its very hot even in the dry season
2. There are two seasons- wet and dry and even the dry season is humid
3. There is no postal service to homes in Broome. People have to pick
up their mail from a post box at Australia Post or other designated post
4. There are no traffic lights but some huge round-a-bouts instead
5. There is no need to rush in Broome- its too hot to hurry!
6. If a road train with a full load of cattle is behind you, get out of
the way!
7. The red dust you hear about really can get into everything and is so
beautiful, you'll never forget it.
8. There's something really special about the boab trees
9. If you're backpacking, go to Broome, there's always jobs available
including running the Camel Safari, working in shops/restaurants and the
many lovely resorts
10. Once you've been there, you'll want to go back :-)

Broome was a blast and I'm so glad I went (and left a large chunk of my pay
there, but what else are holidays for? ;-) )

Seeing the brolgas in their natural habits was a real highlight. Reminds me
of a Christmas song we sang as children and doesn't get sung anymore.

Lunch at The Port

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in Broome. no longer failing holiday 101. yeah!
Crispy chicken and rice with corriander and lemon dressing- yum.

When its 41 degrees....

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.... a green slushie is bliss.
7th Oct 2008, 11:54   comments (0)

Ta Ta Sydney.... off to Broome, WA

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4th Oct 2008, 03:59   comments (3)

Spring is sprung!

Its 31C today, windy and a beautiful spring day.
20th Sep 2008, 05:34   comments (4)

Finally... the end of winter

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It's been a long, cold winter in the Blue Mountains and I can't wait to see
the end of it.
31st Aug 2008, 03:27   comments (4)

LAst of the orchids this season

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10th Aug 2008, 07:25   comments (0)