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House for sale

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Well, the time has finally come and my house is up for sale. Time to move.
Geodyne, any chance of coming back to the Blue Mountains? ;-) Want a house-
going cheap.
18th Oct 2008, 11:22   comments (8)

Boab trees

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Hey Jig along,

I thought I'd captured some of the boab trees but they're pretty pitiful
photos considering they're such beautiful trees. If you have the chance,
could you please get a pic of one of the big ones for me, please, please???
And here endeth the Broome series. Not bad for a 4 day visit. :-)

Japanese cemetry, Broome WA

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It was 41C and 200 percent humidity the day I visited the Japanese Cemetery
in Broome and despite its location next to a fairly busy road, the silence
and stillness of this place was beautiful: a reflection of the Japanese
community and the respect that this place deserves.

Pearl earrings

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For D,

These are similar to the ones I bought but mine are somewhat smaller- these
ones are worth a fortune. Most of the pearls in Broome are bigger than
you've probably seen in the average jeweller's shop at 10mm to 21mm in size
(each pearl!) and lustre as good as a mirror (note the 5 virtues of a
pearl), all of which come at a price (ie many thousands of Aus dollars). A
girl can only dream! This photo came from the
12th Oct 2008, 02:39   comments (2)

Gantheaume Point, Broome WA

Jig along. that was an interesting piece of 4WDing you got me into!
(Unclenching the white knuckles now ;-) )

However, the view and the place were wonderful.

This is the lighthouse and rock formations around the Point. The red of the
soil and rocks was amazing. Some of these photos actually got close to how
red the soil was- and such a beautiful contrast to the blue sky.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm tour

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This was a personal challenge- a 1hr trip up a 4WD dirt track. Thank God I
wasn't driving! The photos don't do justice to how red the dirt was and how
rough the road was. The chap doing the bus driving does this trip at least
twice a day during the tourist season. The two other guys in the photos were
backpackers working on the farm. Note the guy with the meat cleaver- we
listened very intently as he waved it about to clean the pearl shells! ;-)
The other guy ran the educational part of the tour and was very interesting-
how pearls are formed, sustainable farming of pearls and the qualities of a
good pearl.

Camel safari

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The sign tickled my fancy. How does one drive a camel safely and is there a
special licence to drive one?

The camel rides on Cable Beach are a touristy thing that you really have to
do or you can't say you've been to Broome.

Sunset on Cable Beach

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OK so you have to have the clich photo of the sunset, but this one was
beyond description and Cable Beach known world wide for them. Its one of
the reasons you go to Cable Beach and the other reason is for the camel
safari- more of that one later.