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hidden treasures

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One of the nice things about the new place is discovering the plants that
have been hidden in some odd sports. This camellia is one of them.
18th Jul 2009, 03:12   comments (2)

Deepest winter in Oz

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Its been comparatively mild this winter so the liquid amber is pretending
its still autumn and still has its leaves. They're making an unbelievable
mess but they're very beautiful.
18th Jul 2009, 03:11   comments (0)

winter veggies

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My first crop of winter veggies. broccoli and cabbage are coming along
nicely so long as the snails don't beat me to them first.
28th Jun 2009, 07:20   | tags:,comments (2)


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Two goes at it and overcooked both batches- cheese and herb, and plain
scones. It's now 9.30pm, have run out of ingredients so no more scones. Will
just have to do without and buy something for the BIG Morning Tea- Cancer
Council fundraiser. UGH!
27th May 2009, 12:34   comments (7)

The new bathroom

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The new bathroom is wonderful. a huge cavern compared to the cramped little
space before. And NO lavender poodles on the wall tiles.. I know. where's
my sense of humour? I got a builder to cover up the door to the loo, open an
adjoining wall and now I have the biggest shower ever- don't bang my elbows
on the walls, and better still no need for a shower screen- NO CLEANING!
27th May 2009, 12:12   comments (4)

Signs of Autumn

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Autumn is creeping its way into our days. Its cold and wet today. Not
looking forward to winter.
19th Apr 2009, 05:34   comments (4)

The lavender bathroom 1970

(viewed 1063 times)
This is the current original bathroom from which the poodles are about to
escape. The shower screen has real fish and shells sandwiched into plastic.
12th Apr 2009, 04:19   comments (3)

Dancing parot

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This bloke was quite weird- dancing up and down the rails and having quite a
12th Apr 2009, 04:15   comments (0)