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This is my pet wild wallaby who comes to visit and keeps my lawn under
control. She's so cute and very shy. She's known as a swamp wallaby and is a lot smaller that a kangaroo at about 1.2m tall.
26th Oct 2005, 05:56   | tags:,,comments (3)

White yarrow

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The top photo is the white yarrow. Not sure of the name for the one below- it's like a Geralton wax...
25th Sep 2005, 03:18   | tags:,comments (3)

More Aussie natives

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25th Sep 2005, 03:11   comments (0)

Australian native flowers

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These flowers are in bloom in my front and back yards. Some Aussie natives
are a bit scrappy but I really loves these ones. The hakia are a bit of a
weed most of the year but when you see the flowers and nuts, it really makes
up for it. The white yarrow is a very rare form so I'm told. The really
spiky plant has the most beautiful perfume but don't walk into the spikes-
they'll sting like mad.
25th Sep 2005, 03:10   | tags:,,,comments (0)


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I love orchids. This is the latest addition to my collection. I love the
fact that they flower for weeks and this one has a beautiful, delicate
21st Sep 2005, 08:15   comments (1)

Parrot in peach tree

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This is one of the thousands of parrots that come to my place especially when the peach tree is in fruit. Sadly the fruit never ripens enough for me to eat so I'm glad to give it up to the parrots- at least someone gets a feed!This tree is right next to my back deck. The birds are so used to me taking their pictures now that I can almost touch them... however having had psittacosis once I actually prefer to just stand back and look... and they are pretty
5th Sep 2005, 03:28   | tags:,comments (0)


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This is the waterdragon that lives in my yard during summer. It's such a poser! I've taken quite a few photos of this guy and his family over the last few summers. He/they actually stop and pose for the photos! I'm not kidding! I can almost hear them saying 'make sure you get my best side..'. They preen and stretch to make sure I get the best photo possible!My neighbours on both sides have swimming pools and the waterdragon family wander between the two pools via my place. They know that they're safe to do this because I don't have any other pets like dogs or cats. In the Blue Mountains, it's really not a good idea to have domestic animals if you want to have the native wildlife come and visit- and they're a whole lot cheaper to enjoy than having to feed domestic pets! And I can go off travelling at the drop of a hat if I need to without worrying who is going to feed them...Julie

These shoes were made for walkin'

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The places these uggboots have been... the things they've seen. In the great Aussie bush these thing have saved me from all kinds of biting things, viscious ants, spiders and best of all- snakes. With all of thier smelly foot pong, no sensible creature of the bush would come near them.

As a literacy teacher, this is the sort of picture I'd use with my students to get them talking about where they've been, things they've done, their fav pair of shoes and why. This could also be a long running round the table story where everyone adds their own bit to the tale... be my guest and add your bit, but keep it nice please... ;-)
26th Aug 2005, 12:08   | tags:,comments (4)