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In Australia there are about 900 different types of wattle. Some are very
large trees and some are low growing ground cover plants. Some have spikes
and others are lovely and soft. They all flower at different times of the
year and there's almost always something in bloom. All of them have a huge
amount of pollen and dust on them!!! Sometimes there's almost a cloud of
pollen around them. Still, they're beautiful and the national symbol of
Australia.When this particular wattle comes into bloom it's a clear sign that Spring
is not far away! I can't wait- apart from it being allergy season, I just
love all of the flowers and birds that come back into the garden.

If you want to read more about wattle and its place as our national symbol:
30th Jul 2006, 03:43   | tags:,,comments (0)

Backyard update

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A few more pics of the wildlife in my backyard.

FW: Possum- better than an attack cat!

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There I was half asleep hanging out the washing in the dark and suddenly..
Crunch.. Crunch.. What the hell was that? There sitting in the peach tree 2m
away was my tantrum throwing attack possum eating away at my unripe peaches!
No peach jam this year I guess.Then to make matters worse, he decided to get closer to see what I was doing
and was about to attack me, so being the brave woman that I am, I threw a
peg at him. Didn't even flinch the bugger! Then he decided to do a big poo
on my deck in his favourite spot. I took joy in performing poo-us
interuptus. :-)He lives to try it another day..
25th Nov 2005, 11:37   comments (4)


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There's a lovely story about how the coreopsis flowers came to Australia.
Apparently an old lady was sitting in one of our old steam trains taking a
trip up to Katoomba, and as the train ambled along she threw the seeds of
the coreopsis out the window. Now you see them everywhere along the railway
tracks in the mountains. You really know summer is almost here when they
come into bloom.The two parrots decided they wanted to get up VERY close for a good look at
me this morning- cheeky buggers!
21st Nov 2005, 12:43   comments (0)

It's raining!

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This is my backyard in the rain with the fog rolling up the gully. We've had
nearly 8 years of drought here with very little rain so this bit of 'wet' is
just wonderful. I just wish that I could share the eucalyptus smell of the
bush when it's wet. Ahhhhhh! A little piece of heaven.
30th Oct 2005, 05:54   comments (4)

more wonga pigeon

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26th Oct 2005, 07:34   | tags:,comments (2)

Tea tree

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This is tea tree just coming into flower. This plant is very important in
the bush medicines area. It's refined and used as an antiseptic instead of
those expensive commercial products and is at least, if not more effective.
I've been using this for more than 20 years and swear by it.
26th Oct 2005, 07:33   comments (2)

Wonga pigeon

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This is the Wonga Pigeon who visits in spring and summer. She's very shy too and runs away literally when she sees me with the camera. Wonga's apparently prefer to walk than fly! She's the most beautiful lavender grey with spots under her tails and soft, dark eyes.

Most of the other pictures on the 'net of Wonga's tend to be from QLD although they are supposed to be from all around the East coast of Australia. However, the locations are supposed to be more coastal- The Blue Mountains really are a beautiful place- no wonder this couple have hidden themselves away up here! ;-)