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Close but no cigar

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I almost got to Broome then the job fell through. I'm so disappointed for
myself but very sad for the circumstances and people involved.

The picture is of a boab tree that used to be used as a prison. Its huge and
hollow and was used as a rest stop for police and prisoners along the trip
between Fitzroy Crossing (an Aboriginal township) and Broome and Derby,
where prisoners would be taken for trial. It's now a tourist stop and a
reminder of how harsh things have been in the outback.
24th Nov 2009, 22:19   comments (6)

I'm off to Broome

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Got a call last night offering me a contract to teach in Broome for most of
next year. On the plane late next week. No mucking around. WooHoo!
13th Nov 2009, 05:26   comments (7)

For Dhamaka

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This is a sign on a building right by Circular Quay in Sydney. The sign is
about 4 stories high. October is Breast Cancer awareness month here.
27th Sep 2009, 09:31   comments (0)

Manly beach

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27th Sep 2009, 09:20   comments (3)

To Manly by ferry

Friday was so beautiful and sunny that I just had to get the ferry across to
Manly for the day. The photos are of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera
House and Fort Dennison which sits in the middle of the harbour and used to
hold convict prisoners.
27th Sep 2009, 09:20   comments (1)

Sacred Heart Church One Arm Point Cape Leveque, WA

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Viv- not quite the same as your beautiful ancient churches. The alter is
decorated in pearl shells.
7th Sep 2009, 08:45   comments (4)

My next workplace?

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Have just returned from Broome. Beautiful place and inspires me to teach
again. This is from the caf? at Kooljiman Resort in Cape Leveque- one of the
places Jig Along knows really well and could end up being my new classroom.

Today I found a job advert for my teaching area with Kimberly TAFE. To apply
or not to apply now is the question. After just buying a house and doing
massive renovations, it?s a real dilemma, but I also hate where I work at
the moment, with a real passion.
7th Sep 2009, 03:16   comments (7)

Spring has sprung

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Spring and the warm weather have come early this year. Yesterday was a balmy
26C and today is a cooler 21. The daffodils have come out all in a rush and
the lawn needs mowing already.
17th Aug 2009, 01:06   comments (1)