My mountains backyard

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A garden you can make a meal from...

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They've all self seeded through the garden.

My backyard in 2006

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Spring greenery and the wildlife

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Trying again

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18th Oct 2006, 04:09   comments (1)

Blue Mountains montage

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I've just been having a play on a website called that does
video and photo montages. Have a look at the experiment.
18th Oct 2006, 04:03   comments (0)


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OK. So far you've seen the nice bits of my garden. now here are some of the

In the Blue Mountains we have an endless battle with introduced
weeds. Here are some of them: agapanthus, russ tree, silky oak, wandering
jew, jasmine, honey suckle and privet (large and small leaf varieties). As
you'll probably guess, these were introduced by homesick English migrants.

A bit further down the mountain, the morning glory plant is also making a
mess, but the privet is probably the most invasive of all. We have all sorts
of weed control programs and volunteer groups trying to get it out of our
natural bushland areas but I think it's a battle we won't win- particularly
in the short term.
7th Oct 2006, 08:11   comments (7)

More weeds

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Jasmine (gone bush!)

Privet (took root under my house where there's little sunlight or water. Too resilient for my liking)

Jasmine, privet (tree), agapanthus and tobacco plant

The whole lot is about to get a drink of Round Up (poison) yet again. Probably won't kill it (why should it we've tried 5-6 times already!) but you've got to keep trying, Eh! I avaiod using poison as much as possible but the only other option is pulling it all out by hand and that's just not going to work. At least in this part of my garden its away from all of the nearby homes.
7th Oct 2006, 08:10   comments (6)

More weeds 3

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Tobacco plant (causes asthma attacks!)

Agapanthus (yes that pretty blue or white flower is a pest here)

Silky oak (seedling)
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