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Dad n son waterdragons

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I don't often see these two together.
15th Nov 2006, 06:03   comments (4)

Honeymoon Lookout on Cliff Drive, Leura

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25th Oct 2006, 09:16   | tags:,comments (6)

Govett's Leap, Blackheath

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25th Oct 2006, 09:00   | tags:,comments (5)

Upper Blue Mountains for Geodyne

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Now for a brief break from my usual theme. here are a few photos for
Geodyne. Leura, Wentworth Falls and Blackheath. These places are about 15-30
mins further up the mountains from my place. Sorry about the picture quality
but I forgot to take my digital camera and had to resort to the phone camera
(1.3Mp). Its been a weird day- total fire ban, 35C, 50km/h wind expected
with thunderstorm. Didn't get to 35, has light rain on and off and due for
thunderstorm any moment now.
25th Oct 2006, 08:37   comments (3)

Mural in Leura MAll

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25th Oct 2006, 08:37   comments (4)

You know you're in the bush when...2

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22nd Oct 2006, 07:33   | tags:,,,comments (15)

You know you're in the bush when...

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There's wallaby poo, lichens and big holes in the ground that either belong
to cicadas or the huge funnel web spider that I disturbed when trying to dig
out some asparagus fern. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hole in the
back fence is the wallaby's' tradesman's entrance'. I wondered how they were
getting in.

The top photo is my current watering system for the garden... washing machine recycled water... haven't turned on the outside watering system in 4 years due to the water resrictions from our 9 year drought!
22nd Oct 2006, 07:32   comments (3)

FW: A garden you can make a meal from...2

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22nd Oct 2006, 07:31   | tags:,comments (6)