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A trip to Sydney

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It's autumn in Sydney. This was taken from Circular Quay Railway Station
this afternoon. A bit overcast and humid. Winter is on the way!


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This beautiful butterfly sat on this tea tree bush for about an hour.
There haven't been any more like this one so I'm wondering if it was
20th Mar 2007, 22:19   comments (5)

Jugs 2

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16th Jan 2007, 10:02   comments (7)

Summer fruit

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The other part of summer I love.
11th Jan 2007, 05:10   comments (11)

Georges River on a beautiful day

I had the best day today. Went to visit a friend who lives south of Sydney.
Had lunch at the beach and a lovely walk on the sand. The skies were so blue
and the sand so fine and white. The sailboarders were out in force and it
was just the most stunning summer's day.
1. Sailboarders
2. seagull foot prints
3. Seagulls
4. blue sky!!!
5. boats on the river
6. sailboats and pier
7. rock outcrop
8. Million dollar homes on the waterfront
9. Aurora- friend's daughter training for sailing small boat championships

True Aussie summer

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My air conditioner is broken! :-( Today I've had a serious reminder of what
summer in Australia is really like as opposed to the a/c edited version. It
was 38C and so hot I laid on the lounge and vegetated for most of the day in
front of the fan (thank God that hadn't broken down too). By mid afternoon
the cicadas and the crickets (ie the bugs not the blokes (I promise not to
rub it in that we beat the POMS 5/nil in the cricket! ;-) )) were raising
their song to full volume. There wasn't a puff of wind anywhere to stir the
heat and even my pet waterdragon was too tired to move from his/her resting
place on top of the pool fence.These photos are of the teenage magpies that have been prowling around and
bullying the parrots and the waterdragon. They strut around like they own
the place making their chortling sounds and threatening everyone and
everything to get out of their way or they'll peck your eye out (yes they
have been known to do that and peck a chunk of hair out too). Near the back
of the yard is a passionfruit vine that is in full fruit. The maggies seem
to think it's their personal fruit bowl.
6th Jan 2007, 10:46   comments (14)

My favourite quilt

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I love this quilt. It's made from flannel and weighs a tonne but is so warm
and comfy.
3rd Dec 2006, 05:19   comments (19)

I sew therefore I collect

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All ready for those midnight inspirations.
2nd Dec 2006, 23:56   comments (18)