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Terrigal holiday

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I couldn't believe the price of a bottle of water in the hotel! It's nearly
US$8 for a litre of water. Thank God for corner shops where the water was
about $2.50
19th Oct 2007, 04:40   comments (1)

pixies hard at work- challenge met!

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Hey JL- challenge met! :-) Pixies on the rampage in the workplace!.
1. Pixies in high level meeting
2. Pixies dancing on the boardroom table
3. Pixies hard at work!
10th Oct 2007, 06:43   comments (7)

What you buy at a Fair

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The brooch is made from seeds from Colombia (no signs of marching dust!) and
the pixie boots are adult size so I couldn't resist.
8th Oct 2007, 11:17   comments (7)

FW: Leura FAir

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Leura is a beautiful village in the upper mountains and has a Fair and
celebration of spring and the stunningly beautiful gardens. The photo was
taken early in the day- before the crush of people. The other photo shows
why we're called 'the Blue Mountains'. The blue haze from the eucalyptus oil
in the air was very obvious today. The bushfire threat was also off the
scale- extreme - courtesy of the howling wind, 30C temp and low humidity. So
far no fires though.
6th Oct 2007, 08:15   comments (4)

Free Burma

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Some things should never go unnoticed of uncommented upon!

Edit: If you want to understand the issues better, have a look at: This is the Australian public broadcaster website with links to information that is as reliable as possible in the circumstances.
4th Oct 2007, 22:50   comments (4)


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This was a little surprise as I was about to get in the car to go to work this morning. The drought and early spring seems to be bringing out some new flora that hasn't been around before.
27th Sep 2007, 00:09   comments (2)

Spring flowers

1. Federation daisy
2. Clivia
3. pansy
4. wisteria
5. blue bells
22nd Sep 2007, 01:41   comments (5)

Spring is sprung

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A beautiful day to start spring.
. the kookaburra sat on the rail for about 20 mins watching be hang out the
washing. I wondered if he was waiting to have his photo taken, he'd stayed
so long. so then I thought I'd better oblige.
1st Sep 2007, 07:38   comments (6)