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Blue tongue

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I haven't seen a blue tongue lizard in my yard in about 5 years and never so
close to the back door. This is a good day. This also explains why I have no
snails even with all the rain we've been having, and of course, why there
are no snakes. YEAH!
3rd Jan 2008, 06:30   comments (5)

Crawley things

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Its been raining for several weeks now and we're all getting a bit over it.
sad isn't it considering we still don't have a full dam and we hated the
drought so much, but the mould is starting to grow on everything and I just
want to feel dry. Today's brief respite from the rain brought out this huge
slug and the beginning of the caterpillars.
The flowering zucchini is hopefully the beginning of my veggie garden doing
its thing.
26th Dec 2007, 01:06   comments (6)

Mmmm tomatoes

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So close, but not for Christmas dinner..
26th Dec 2007, 01:00   comments (0)

native orchids again

(viewed 555 times)
9th Dec 2007, 05:49   comments (2)

native orchid

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My native orchid is back! I only get to see these about every 3-5 years. The
current torrent of rain must have brought these out. They're about the size
of a finger nail. Very exciting!
8th Dec 2007, 10:56   comments (0)

cicdas chorus live

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You've seen the shell it peeled itself from, now here's the real thing.
28th Oct 2007, 01:01   comments (6)

cicada time

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The first of the cicadas were singing a few days ago and they're shedding
their shells early. Makes for a beautiful time of the year!
26th Oct 2007, 02:19   comments (3)

Holiday 101- failed- Terrigal

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Terrigal is a beautiful, slightly up market holiday destination just out of
Sydney. This was to be my first holiday in about 5 years but I only lasted 2
days. I have failed at Holiday 101:-(
It now seems that maybe I failed 'cause I was getting sick- looks like I
might have the mumps. Holidays are dangerous and I just am not doing it
19th Oct 2007, 04:46   comments (5)