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#District9 #gamesworkshop citadel miniatures conversion

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District 9 was such a satisfying character based fantasy sci-fi with proper satisfaying old testament type justice in the most epic, unpredictable ending ever that i've decided to re-create the entire denouement in citadel miniatures/games workshop toys.

Oh yes. this is the first conversion - the alien powersuit...
15th Sep 2009, 11:29   | tags:,comments (12)

Ratty, Badger, Mole & Owl visit the fish market

23rd Aug 2009, 20:22   comments (1)

Preparation for a Glam dinner

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Fresh clams from Billingsgate & Riddler's home grown tomatoes.
23rd Aug 2009, 20:08   comments (0)

36 hours before Matt turned 30

Ever the intrepid Mariners, we chased the white whale into the sunrise.

Went out friday night, got pissed and then sustained ourselves on tea and Xbox before heading off to Billingsgate at 5am on Saturday.

Returned at 8am bag loads of fish. Shucked some giant Oysters for breakfast. After no sleep and that time in the morning, it was more like a dare than a luxury.

Gutted & scaled all of the catch till 11am. Scallops & smoked salmon for brunch. Snoozed in the sun till 4. Collapsed to bed around 2am last night.

Happy Birthday Riddler. Off to get his bloody present now - it never ends!
23rd Aug 2009, 16:11   | tags:,comments (3)

Moblog First Conference Call Agenda Thursday 20th August 20:00 GMT

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This is one of the first images I ever posted to Moblog and i thought it was fitting to repost as the announcement of the Moblog First Conference Call Agenda.

Although anyone can join the call, we at Moblog towers, will be operating on the assumption that by joining the call, you are expressing an interest to join a new site admin team (with all the responsability that go with it). You are in no way obliged to join the Site Admin team by being on the call but hopefully this call will help you decide if being a Site Admin is worth giving your time up for.

Try not to be daunted by all the items the agenda. Instead, choose the sections that most interest you, and let me know in the comments. Add anything you think needs to be included in your response.

The aim of the meeting is really to define follow up actions to things that get unresolved. Rather than try to resolve everything blow by blow, we simply want to scoot thru the first section, spend a bit of time on the second and thrash out ideas on the 3rd.

For the sake of time, where we have no definitive answers, we'll just table it to be resolved later.

I hate to be so businessy about this, but if you are new to conference calls you'll see how order needs to be maintained otherwise no one gets heard. And i've never managed a conference call this big before!

If you are joining the call try not to arrive expecting solid answers and solutions - try to keep an open mind and bring your best ideas to the table. We're going to be completely open with you about what can and cant be achieved and why. The main thing is to open the communication lines, meet each other, delegate some responsabilities and 'powers' and put a co-ordinated action plan in place. It is also a routine stated goal of all Moblog Towers conference calls to have fun.

Thanks again for all the support. Big up yourselves.
19th Aug 2009, 17:13   comments (29)

WOW, Twitter becomes a search engine

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This is it guys - probably the biggest threat to Google since I've
been an SEO (6+years)
6th Aug 2009, 13:10   comments (18)

Bbqing mackeral we just caught on neil's

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Bbqing mackeral we just caught on neil's stag
30th May 2009, 16:39   comments (0)

Telegraphs giant twitterfall!

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Telegraphs giant twitterfall!
29th May 2009, 16:56   comments (0)