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Counting down

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30th May 2013, 16:39   comments (1)


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Crowd gathering to see manhattan 'solstice'
30th May 2013, 16:39   comments (1)

Did it post?

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20th May 2013, 20:52   comments (5)

Reunion with Technokitten!

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Shout to Alfie!
3rd May 2013, 05:16   comments (5)

Happy Easter Moblog!

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Happy easter y'all
31st Mar 2013, 17:56   comments (3)

Wow Chinatown

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6th Jan 2013, 21:34   comments (0)

Steampunk Cinderella Diorama

This is a quick scene I am knocking together in preparation for a diorama
workshop I might go to this Sunday.

I found these two cool girl models - Cinderella and a Fembot and somewhere
along the way got the idea that Cinderella looks like she is walking a
straight line and the Fembot could be a policewoman issuing a speeding
ticket and checking whether she is drunk driving.

The base coats are more or less finished but still more painting to be
done. The motorbike is meant to be reminiscent of Dukes of Hazzard, and is
obviously orange as it was made out of a pumpkin. And the Fembot
policewoman's jetbike / speeder bike is painted to remind you of the Blue
Brothers - i.e in San Diego/ LAPD black and white colours. The original
Atlanta police car colours from Dukes of Hazzard were just plain white
which was a bit boring.

Hope to paint up a road in a route 66 style at some point and will ideally
get my hands on some tiny cactuses or air plants so it could be a
functioning indoor 'garden'.
13th Dec 2012, 18:48   | tags:comments (1)

Borderlands 2 Diorama - The Wizard of Oz

Right now, I am really into re-imagining computer game worlds in terms of
other worlds and creating miniature dioramas around them using basically
any cool minis I can find. It's a kinda elseworlds type concept, as in the
comics, where Batman fought Judge Dredd and that kind of thing. I'm also
aiming to make pieces that work as standalone 'art' too where the viewer
doesn't need to know anything about the original computer game or the
universe of the minis used. So, normally there is a kind of meta story
going on that is easy to identify with, but if you know about the other
stuff then you can kinda divine your own folklore within a folklore.

If I had a lofty ideal for what the idea is, I guess the theme would be
that good stories are more or less recognizable in any universe and that
all the good stories are a re-imagining of the same story from another
tradition. But that's more of a poncey excuse really - I just like painting
minis as it gets me away from the computer and uses my hands and also I
just like miniature art in general, whether that's train sets or architect
concepts or games workshop minis.

I've started working on a miniature diorama inspired by Borderlands 2 -
possibly my favorite game ever. I love the pace of the gameplay but in
particular I love the Apocalyptic Steampunk universe and the way there are
just so many locations to visit.

The concept for this diorama is that it's set in a new Borderland called Oz
and this warband of 4 is essentially Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, the Lion
and the Wizard. The Wizard in this case is a just a Mechromancer who made
his base out of a vehicle wreckage and projects a giant ghost from a
industrial strength Holo Projector to keep would be cretins out of his
little part of the Borderlands.

In my head Dorothy is a Mechromancer with Tin Man as her ally, Scarecrow is
a cretin who along for the ride (possibly a gunzerker) and the Lion is a
commando class ponce.
13th Dec 2012, 18:40   | tags:,comments (0)