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My pasion lies on two heels but due to circumstances out of my controll i have been out of a ride for many years (boo hoo, sob sob) but the dream lives on...(yippieeee)
A keen photographer and love tinckering on the computer (which brings me to why im doing this).

I have been known to be a little bit wierd and crazy in the days of my youth (an acceptable amount, the amount just before you think about calling the men in white coats) but the age thing has kicked all that nonsence to touch...i think

I have also dabbled in poetry a bit. Well mostly in the days of my youth, when i was blinded by love, lost in the avenues of romance, each leading to a unique but familiar ending....

Back to reality, once i have figured out how to post to this page i can show you some of my work. Enjoy...

Kind regards, peace and love to all...

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The Graffiti of Green Street

Here are a few picture i took when i visited green street youth centre in High Wycombe last year. Work was still being carried out and the local kids got created and were encouraged to apply their artistic talent in the form of graffiti to make the place look a little less constructional...---------------------------------
2nd May 2007, 07:28   comments (3)

Graffiti of Green Street

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2nd May 2007, 07:28   comments (0)

Its alive ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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After many years asleep it awakes from its slumber...Over the years it has whispered, screemed and yes even talked in a mild manner, but in the end it only listens to its masters commands.
This is my electric, which i have kept safe and away from the kids. They are getting older and i think they will have fun learning to play. Meanwhile i will have to get my skills back in shape, so we can all have fun learning
I dont quiet trust them with my acoustic, so i will use this to test the water....
25th Apr 2007, 19:44   comments (1)

Basketball and Swimming Babes

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This weekend my oldest daughter has picked to join a basketball team.
She has only been to four training sessions and as a proud fathers i am realy pleased. She realy likes the sport and i hope her enthusiasam continues. Sorry no pic available.As a double whammy, we took our youngest to the local pool for the first time. We had our reservations if she would enjoy the experience and as soon as she was in the water our worries were put to rest. She played with her brother and sister in the baby pool.
In the larger pool, she used the floats available and we were happy to see her confidence build.When we arrived home, it was good to hear her ask to go again and we will.
23rd Apr 2007, 13:09   comments (1)

Desi Fly Chick

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Here are two pics of a friend who likes to be called by this handle from time to time.
14th Apr 2007, 21:13   comments (3)

some of my work

Please feel free to comment on any of my pictures...
12th Apr 2007, 07:24   comments (10)

My Bike

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This was the last bike i owned. We have shared many happy memmories and it will always be in my mind....
12th Apr 2007, 07:12   comments (4)
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