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absolute disgrace

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when i was back in maidstone on friday night, i really wanted some CHEESY CHIPS.

so i was NOT IMPRESSED when the guys in the chip shop took TEN MINUTES preparing this abhorration.

not impressed.
3rd Mar 2006, 13:54   comments (6)

my name is earl

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yup, i was going to get rid of the tache but then when it came to the crunch i couldn't.

so i give you the "earl"
27th Feb 2006, 11:36   comments (4)

max and me

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the young feline moved his head as i was taking this. what a scamp.
25th Feb 2006, 15:19   | tags:comments (0)

the moon!

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everybody look at the moon
everybody see the moon...
24th Feb 2006, 14:42   comments (6)

a flat drum kit

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weird huh? our drummer's got one and he whips it out when we're playing in quieter places & when he wants to be able to fit other stuff in his car too..

it sounds great...
23rd Feb 2006, 09:35   comments (2)

docklands light railway

(viewed 615 times)
an arty shot of the platform at heron quays
20th Feb 2006, 10:11   comments (0)


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18th Feb 2006, 19:10   comments (0)

some power station

(viewed 573 times)
big. scary.
18th Feb 2006, 19:08   comments (0)