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i am a geek child with a hairy man face

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daddy long legs in whistler

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6th Apr 2006, 09:15   | tags:comments (0)

just west of lillooet, BC

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did an 11 hour road trip through the canadian rockies and came across this little gem just past lillooet (incidentally, pretty much the coolest town ever) - a big green lovely lake.

called seton lake - remember that, and go there.

6th Apr 2006, 09:12   comments (0)


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this is the canadian version of TK MAXX - ie quality labels at affordable prices.

and they have a wicked name.

AND they're hiring.

6th Apr 2006, 09:08   comments (0)

for the boosh fans...

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i was in a little wicked tea shop in calgary and saw that the "fountain of youth" tea was found next to the "evening jazz" tea.

howard MOOOOON...
6th Apr 2006, 08:51   comments (2)

the BEST man

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this is me with peter kaye

not really, it's mat who was the best man and is (a) a comedy genius (b) the nicest guy ever in the whole world
20th Mar 2006, 09:39   comments (2)

an education in posing

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top: "concerned", with daniel

bottom: "slightly aroused", with jonty (who is in the "expedition leader" pose)
20th Mar 2006, 09:37   comments (0)

more wedding shots

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1. claire started drinking a little early and this was taken before she got her second wind, bless her

2. hairy men CAN look good in formal wear, check out these two beautiful specimens

3. another ambient bar shot - just before the DJ played aphex twim and everyone went to dance
20th Mar 2006, 09:32   comments (0)

a wedding party in derby

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two lovely (but quite short) people i know got married in derby, and loads of folk travelled up for a big posh piss up.

notice neil's sly look to the camera in the bottom shot.

oh, and you can't see the bride or groom probably because all their friends are really tall (like me)
20th Mar 2006, 09:27   comments (0)