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just to explain

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got stuck behind this guy on the A303 driving to a festival in cornwall at the weekend.

if you look closely in the back of his SUV* you will see

a) a mirror
b) a washing machine
c) a rabbit hutch

have 3 more random objects ever been placed together in a truck? i'd wager NO.

*sports utility vehicle
8th Aug 2006, 09:38   comments (1)


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my 160 gram freestyle disc

31st Jul 2006, 10:44   comments (6)


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25th Jul 2006, 14:29   comments (8)

studio artois

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i was at this outdoor film "festival" thing in greenwich on saturday watching kill bill (part 1) - HUGE screen and great sound, they should have shown more movies though...

was anyone else there?
24th Jul 2006, 10:39   comments (1)

car crash

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look what some retard joyriders did down the end of our road! they didn't just glance off the lamppost or anything, they went into it DEAD CENTRE.

no airbags to be seen, so it must have made them wince a bit...
24th Jul 2006, 10:34   comments (2)


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i can't remember the last time i went to a proper old sandy beach - a couple of years, at least..

this is by seaton sluice, just north of newcastle

the water was FRICKIN FREEZING
17th Jul 2006, 10:14   comments (0)

gavin and the baltic

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friend, river, art gallery
17th Jul 2006, 10:11   comments (1)


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exhibit (a) - AAARGH AN ALIEN MOTHERSHIP! no it's just the new concert hall, the sage, it wasn't there last time i was up here

exhibit (b) - newcastle's millenium bridge (much better than london's one) AND a vapour trail (bonus)
17th Jul 2006, 10:06   comments (0)