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i am a geek child with a hairy man face

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that's me!

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bottom pic. far right!
12th Oct 2006, 15:24   | tags:comments (6)

bottom of the slide

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12th Oct 2006, 13:22   comments (7)


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look at her go! (girl in pink top, left mid)

there's another smaller slide curled round the bottom so it looks like there's more circuits than there actually are..
12th Oct 2006, 13:14   comments (12)

guess what i checked out this lunchtime

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big metal tubes to slide down in the tate modern!

queues were quite big so we didn't go on them. next week...
12th Oct 2006, 13:12   comments (3)

long legs

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this is pretty hard to make out

but it's 3 hotties on a bed, all doing cycling legs

it's best if you don't ask
12th Oct 2006, 10:25   comments (14)

mobile clubbers...

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top: libsdibs and bobby (my housemate) just doing a bit of ipod swapping..

bottom: jle getting into the groove even though she's ill
12th Oct 2006, 10:02   | tags:comments (8)


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liverpool street at 19:24 last night.

there were about 5895079 people dancing, and loads more upstairs watching. i was listening to the egg's second album (on cassette) whilst wearing a beanie and bright blue earmuffs...

for 2 hours.

were you there?

well were you?

and what did you listen to?
12th Oct 2006, 09:49   | tags:comments (6)


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beautiful yet scarily large

like kyle gass
12th Oct 2006, 09:42   comments (2)