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kev poses in front of gimli lookalike

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the guy was a lovely cider seller, you could tell he liked his produce though, by his pony tail and paunch..
23rd Oct 2006, 18:10   comments (0)

twickenham beer festival

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yes, just when you thought you'd seen the back of it..

rows and rows of ale barrels (including one called "liquid lobotomy"), and martin eating one of the biggest hot dogs ever (fitting with the massive bellies we spotted there)...
23rd Oct 2006, 18:07   comments (0)

fun at speak's house

(viewed 749 times)
friday night: speak draws on my face

saturday morning: breakfast in jan's room
23rd Oct 2006, 18:05   comments (2)

making mount fuji out of onion

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real clever stuff...

he made it smoke and everything, jle has a MUCH better pic though..
18th Oct 2006, 12:41   comments (1)

my first teppenyaki

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..it's that thing where the chef comes and cooks your japanese food right in front of you on the hotplate, never had it before!

it was awesome, francis (our chef) had a ridiculous accent, and benihaha (the restaurant) did this £15 deal for a whole load of food. the steak was pretty special, let me tell you..
18th Oct 2006, 12:36   comments (0)

afternoon delight

(viewed 584 times)
tate modern on the left, thames in centre looking west.

towards the setting sun.

16th Oct 2006, 11:10   comments (1)

handing over

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it was pete's last day on friday so here he is, handing his security pass over to alex. ceremonial pomp.
16th Oct 2006, 10:49   comments (2)


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top right.

oh dear me.

apparently you can see me, libsdibs and bobby in the video on the mobile clubbing page too...

linky here
13th Oct 2006, 10:15   | tags:comments (8)