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car parking, austin powers-stylee

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walked past this stressed woman trying to park/turn her car round in between these rows of bollards that gave her about 2 inches of space either end of the car.

here you see right brakelight about to hit lamppost with right front bumper about to hit bollard.

great stuff.
12th May 2007, 16:07   comments (2)

new legends

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this ROCK band that played after us daddies last night. pretty impressive performance onstage. glad i had my earplugs in though, they were unneccessarily loud...
10th May 2007, 14:11   | tags:comments (2)


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on a number plate, of all things. hehehe.
8th May 2007, 09:46   comments (2)

crazy office party

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saturday night: a bunch of folk turned the basement of an office block into a warehouse party (the block is due to be gutted and is currently vacant) -

there was a bar, an ice scuplture for doing shots down, laughing gas, a big dancefloor room and a big meeting room for drawing on the walls. i did a self portrait (bottom) and then all the walls got punched/kicked through by slightly over-agressive short guys with napoleon syndrome.

i also wrote two really long sentences around the wall in the dancing room. it was a premium party.
8th May 2007, 09:42   comments (0)

dalston: my new hood - (a)

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my favourite line is the third line

which strangely enough is the only one without a mistake in it..
8th May 2007, 09:39   comments (3)

is anyone here a banksman?

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i'd like to reverse.
4th May 2007, 12:01   comments (1)

big big beard

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it's coming along nicely now thankee very much...
4th May 2007, 12:00   comments (1)

ikea: not just a shop but a way of life

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after picking up beds/stools/mattresses from ikea on saturday morning in josh's voluminous astra estate, jo & me headed back there yesterday morning for some bits(tm)..

it involved a 45 minute bus journey on the 341, which by a stroke of luck goes directly from the end of my new road to ikea, and it also involved a lot of me trying to figure out how curtain rails work. i failed.

you may be thinking, where is my housemate? my co-owner? during this most momentous of weekends, when stuff needs moving and packing and building and cleaning?

why, he's in majorca of course, the turdyguts
30th Apr 2007, 11:29   comments (1)