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Ed, Nat, J.

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Dinner party.
9th Sep 2005, 20:43   comments (1)

Should I Upgrade

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I have a Sony Ericsson P900, on the Orange network UK. I quite like the phone. I am eligible for an upgrade.
The questions are
Do I bother upgrading and get stuck with the new phone for the next 12 months, or do I wait for something good?
Is there a phone worth the upgrade at the moment?
If I upgrade now what phone should I choose?

Come on Moblogers help.
19th May 2005, 13:15   comments (20)

Imperial Storm Troopers

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They invade London
16th May 2005, 13:52   comments (7)

Beautiful people

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The photos are bad, but this club is/was full of beautiful people.
8th May 2005, 03:09   comments (4)


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Finaly after all the teasing I got some.
25th Apr 2005, 15:58   comments (8)

New Job

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I start my new job with these guys tomorrow. Exciting, Scary, About time.
25th Apr 2005, 11:39   comments (5)


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20th Apr 2005, 14:23   comments (5)


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At the Eden project, meant to represent the story of Dionysus, the Roman god of wine.
20th Apr 2005, 14:22   comments (12)