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bored and feeling talentless

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oh! how i wish i was a musical genius.
i'll have to resort to hard graft if i'm serious.
last night; god i was bored
my tunes were unmemorable and my words were poor.
looks like they still are.
yes they still are.
6th Oct 2005, 10:06   comments (3)

there's a man in my telly

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this is a mystery jets video. i tried to get a photo of the guy's crazy hair
but he saw me and stared through my camera and into my soul
4th Oct 2005, 08:53   comments (1)

the morning after

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.. with mere hours of car-sleep or so,
and with hours' rough waiting to go,
he did embark
upon king george's park,
yea, with hangover in tow.
26th Sep 2005, 15:37   comments (0)

cross crazy

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Interesting place, the cross. Lots of topless men though - what's all that
aboot? Hmm, maybe this is a gay club.
26th Sep 2005, 15:31   comments (0)

9 bar

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Surprisingly cheap at 38p from sainsbury's. I think they mixed it with
something though
26th Sep 2005, 15:29   comments (5)


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We specialise in below the line marcomms. And showing Lionel how it's really
26th Sep 2005, 15:23   comments (0)

oo, that stings

(viewed 527 times)
Call me napoleon will you? Gosh!
26th Sep 2005, 15:21   comments (0)


(viewed 406 times)
This is funland, the funnest place on earth. Maybe. If you're 6 and you've got about £100.
26th Sep 2005, 15:19   comments (0)