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another excellent friday night in with peep show

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well, it is christmas, almostThis e-mail has been scanned for viruses by Sophus PureMessage. For further information
5th Dec 2005, 17:36   comments (0)

holy ghost!

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my friend had a christmas-halloween themed party. i was the holy ghost.

i've really done it this time. what a fool I have made of myself.
29th Nov 2005, 17:13   comments (0)

christmas comes early in streatham

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with a mere sixth of a year before that most celebrated of sunday roasts,
the joneses decided they'd saved enough in ten months to splash out on a
two-month christmas-light-induced-electricity-bill-binge.
1st Nov 2005, 15:27   comments (2)

look! stefan dennis!

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that's right, ex and returned neighbours star and germany-friendly crooner
stefan dennis spotted at brand licensing in earl's court 2
25th Oct 2005, 14:08   comments (0)

working late

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deadlines to meet, people to please. and three late night 'eat-in-office'
take-aways later, it's oh so nearly ready for distribution. sweet relief.
13th Oct 2005, 02:58   comments (0)

they're taking over

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next door's rabbits are chowing down on the forest. but not evenly. damn
9th Oct 2005, 16:45   comments (0)

the noisettes

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at mean fiddler on saturday. i didn't like them much really. on the way home
i ate a burger and a pork skewer, both from hot dog stands. i might get
9th Oct 2005, 16:43   comments (0)

who's lips?

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these ones have been on the walls of my various bedrooms for
some time. they are lovely. answers on a postcard
7th Oct 2005, 11:29   comments (0)
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