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Glass House, Pomona, 5/2/06

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This is my favorite.

Glass House, Pomona, 5/2/06

Imogen Heap Coachella Pics!!

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Hi and thanks for the show - you are amazing!! Why'd you have to be so
cute? ;_) Much love, respect, and many more kisses!!-The Bikini Banditaka Holly B
Sedona, Arizona_________________________________________________________________
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Pomona, CA

Images from the GlassHouse in Pomona, CA

Immi came on and said hello and how this was the first official show of the
tour (Yay for Pomona!) She then introduced Zoe. She forgot one of her songs
and so, to everyone's cheers, she played a song completely off the fly! It
was cool listening to her music but even more awsome when it was comming
streight from her mind instead of from memory. After Zoe, Immi came back on
and started her set. As fate was to have it, we had a few glitches with the
sound but after righting everything again the song was flawless. Immi then
forgot the opening to Candlelight which had a bunch of people offer the
lyrics "I am alone..." The iMegaphone song was met with much enthusiasm when
she finished, it really is a beautiful piece when played live.After 'Hide and Seek' Immi too her goodbye bows and wondered off stage just
before comming back on for a few Encore songs ^-^~ 'Come Here Boy' was next
on the list followed by 'Daylight Robbery' I got some awsome pictures with
the lights blazing in the background. Ending with 'The moment I said it'
was a beautiful close to the end of the night. After waiting for the crowds
to dissapear Da're and I sat/stood outside and waited for Immi and Zoe.
Da're got his picture taken with Zoe and I got mine with both of them. All
the iBabblers got together and got a pic of themselves too. I got a poster
signed by Immi and a CD signed by Zoe. I drew pics of them both (which I
need to colour) and I got them signed too ^-^~ All in all it was a great
night and I hope Immi and Zoe didn't mind satying up until 1am which was
about the time when we headed off home too.

Pictures from Cochella

Here are a few pictures from Cochella. Immi was awsome (of course) After
fighting a few technical dificulties she was up and ready to go. Zoe was
phenominal though it would have been nice to hear at least one of her works
I understand there was time constraints. The best part was when she forgot
the second verse. (I shouted up the first line but I think I got shhed
*sticks out tounge*) I actually love it when stuff like that happens 'cause
it makes it so much more real and Immi is definatly graceful in playing with
the error and then fixing it with embellishments. That more then anything
shows a truly great artist.Before the day of Cochella, I had been sketching and such and drew a picture
of Immi, a cute little thing of her dancing around with a brush painting a
rainbow with musical notes on it. I decided to shade it in and give it to
her as a thank you present. After the show I took a bet and RAN out the
stage area as fast as I could and dangled it on the other side of the back
fence where a few people were gathered. It was then peeking through I
noticed there was Immi chatting with the group. After waving it around over
the fence I actually got peoples attentions and Immi ended up comming over
after seeing the picture and chatted with everyone ^-^~

Photos #2

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Sorry first photo was just of me & Zoe. Here's a group
pic!Cheers!Ariel C.__________________________________________________
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Photo San Francisco CA show

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Here's a pic from Immi's performance in San Francisco
from earlier this year! It was great to see her again
and get a photo op with her and Zoe Keating! I'm the
one on the far left. In between Imogen & Zoe is my
best friend Corey Winfield.The show was PHENOMENAL of course! Thanks for the
memories Immi!!Regards,Ariel C.__________________________________________________
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