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Usually don't have a whole lot to say but now i have a puppy so i just have to share - other new things may get posted later though. :)

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so tired...

(viewed 517 times)
Keeping that stuffed raccoon in check really takes it out of you...
11th Nov 2005, 12:04   comments (1)

odd angle...

(viewed 574 times)
He looks so much bigger than he really is in this picture... and FIRST time i noticed them starting to sleep together... awwwww
11th Nov 2005, 12:00   comments (0)

Doggy Deathgrip!

(viewed 550 times)
when you do manage to get him on his back - he wraps his legs around your arm in a death grip. :) Paranoid puppy...
7th Nov 2005, 01:59   comments (2)

Black on Black

(viewed 498 times)
It's hard to see i know, but there are 2 doggies in this picture. One's head is down to the left, the other is up and to the right... :) both 'sleepin' on my husband... :)
6th Nov 2005, 01:59   comments (0)

let me just pose . . .

(viewed 665 times)
yeah that's right... poser. :) while we were handing out candy - he was um.. "watching" but really he knows... he was just posing... :)
1st Nov 2005, 01:26   comments (5)

Mister again

(viewed 525 times)
He JUST barely manages to get his head on the "hump" of the pillow - frequently it slides right back down. :)
Vital stats - tomorrow 11/1 he will be 7 weeks old. As of last wednesday he was 12.5 pounds. he has paws and legs that vaguely resemble tree trunks and he enjoys playing with Zoe so far. :)
31st Oct 2005, 13:05   comments (0)

He has a name!

(viewed 606 times)
Though i know some people don't like it. . .

his name is "MISTER" :)
30th Oct 2005, 11:45   comments (2)

He who has not yet been named. . .

(viewed 640 times)
new puppy - 6.5 weeks old - 12.5 pounds. No name yet... :)
30th Oct 2005, 01:29   comments (2)