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Usually don't have a whole lot to say but now i have a puppy so i just have to share - other new things may get posted later though. :)

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Tall ships

(viewed 687 times)
A little fuzzy but still cool

On the left is the Shenendoah and in the middle is the Alabama
23rd Aug 2004, 14:29   comments (0)

Martha's Vineyard

(viewed 1051 times)
From a distance at any rate. :) (from the ferry on the way there - not bad for a camera phone eh?)
19th Aug 2004, 13:42   comments (3)

Her favorite position

(viewed 804 times)
Every night i tell you - stretch, roll over on back, let everything splay out to the sides. Silly puppy - and then two minutes later she moved again so that she had a paw covering her eyes... "No... not the light. . . NOT THE LIIIGHHHTTT!!!"

16th Aug 2004, 01:32   comments (0)

Peek - a - boo

(viewed 601 times)
At least it looks like she's playing that. (again - couldn't rotate the pictures)
15th Aug 2004, 15:11   comments (0)

I got ellie!

(viewed 668 times)
Can a dog spoon? Seems she is :)

(won't let me turn the picture - oh well)
15th Aug 2004, 13:41   comments (1)

two fisting . . . err pawing it

(viewed 611 times)
Jazzy Jr here - got her paw on one toy and is working on another one.. go figure ;)
15th Aug 2004, 02:02   comments (1)


(viewed 641 times)
dead asleep in a sprinting position? :)
14th Aug 2004, 01:05   comments (1)

sneaking out

(viewed 658 times)
To sniff my shoe and then dart back inside.. this will be entertaining for a few weeks.
11th Aug 2004, 23:13   comments (0)