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Usually don't have a whole lot to say but now i have a puppy so i just have to share - other new things may get posted later though. :)

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POST-OP puppy belly . :)

She was fixed today :)she's passed out. :)

5th Oct 2004, 23:58   comments (2)


it used to be a lot easier for her to get off when gravity did all the work. Now that she's bigger - she does this on a regular basis... holding that pose for long enough for me to take out the phone, turn on the camera phone and take this picture and she was still there for a minute after that too. SIlly puppy. :)
5th Oct 2004, 16:37   comments (3)


that's really all you have to say... :)
4th Oct 2004, 18:05   comments (4)


She did this by herself. The 2 cushions were there. she got up on the couch, and then put her head between the two... silly dog. :)
4th Oct 2004, 18:02   comments (3)

showing off

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I love how they show off just how flexible they are. This is her chasing her "teething keys" around which is her new favorite toy - along with the wishbone. :) At one point (and I didn't get a picture sorry) She had all 3 toys spread out on the ground in a triangle, and she would play with one, then roll over throwing it, near the next one, and then pick up the next one to play with. Then roll and throw and pick up the next one, going around in a circle of sorts so she could give equal time to all of her new toys. :)
13th Sep 2004, 16:26   comments (1)


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Hard to see i know - but i don't have as much practice at it. MY brother usually posts the ugly cars to his site but alas.. he wasn't there.

This is a GREEN nissan Sentra with the white faring. The front faring by the way is BEIGE not white, and the wing is black. I think he works at the mall as I saw him parked there later in the day.
10th Sep 2004, 16:30   comments (2)

Egyptian poses today

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sleep like an egyptian. . . .:)
10th Sep 2004, 16:28   comments (2)

Who ever heard . . .

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Of the symbol for "pi" in a computer error message. "#pi3" ???? I had to take a picture. All of my fellow techs were scratching their heads as well.
2nd Sep 2004, 00:28   comments (0)