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Usually don't have a whole lot to say but now i have a puppy so i just have to share - other new things may get posted later though. :)

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NIce ride

I got this on my camera phone last night on my ride home from work. I"M suprised the phone picked it up as well as it did . . .

at one point - the clouds were almost striped, and the trees met them so it looked like the trees were paint brushes painting the clouds - really nifty.
2nd Dec 2004, 21:31   comments (2)

MY own office

wow - I have my own office - with a door and stuff.. Creepy :) !
22nd Nov 2004, 15:25   comments (0)


My garlic is "hatching" (sorry it's so blurry)
21st Nov 2004, 12:52   comments (0)

How does she do this?!

I mean - she's curled up like a normal dog - yet both of her legs are out in a COMPLETELY different direction. . . ahh - to be that flexible.

1st Nov 2004, 12:03   comments (2)

He does windows!

of course - he's not upset about me catching him doing the windows - he just didn't get any warning to "pose" properly. :)
30th Oct 2004, 19:52   comments (0)

pretty . . . .

29th Oct 2004, 02:06   comments (0)

Newpaper anyone?

ahhh a diet full of fiber. newspaper fiber that is. I came up the stairs and she was just sitting there like this. Looking at me with this piece of paper, stuck to her mouth like "i'm not donig anything i swear"

19th Oct 2004, 01:46   comments (3)

Pink belly

The attempt at bandaging her belley after surgery . . . lasted about 20 minutes.. :)

18th Oct 2004, 22:24   comments (1)