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Usually don't have a whole lot to say but now i have a puppy so i just have to share - other new things may get posted later though. :)

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Snoopy Dance!

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yes she is asleep. :) strange dog....
16th Jul 2005, 06:28   comments (2)


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The angles this dog sleeps at - this one just struck me with the paw position vs the head position :) silly puppy...

keeps us Up at 3am getting sick and has the nerve to be tired herself... harumph!. :)
7th Jul 2005, 11:45   comments (1)

Zoe's new Phobia

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This is the ballon i bought my fiancee for his birthday - zoe was promptly terrified. Didn't help when said FIance then clipped the balloon to her collar - i've never seen her get quite so low to the ground and keep moving. :)
2nd Jul 2005, 19:47   comments (1)

hard life

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It's a hard life she has eh? :)
28th Jun 2005, 11:30   comments (1)

umm.. Cake plate?

(viewed 636 times)
Fiance says would make a nice pizza server...

my grandmother just gave this to me.... its umm.. interesting. :)

26th Jun 2005, 19:02   comments (6)

poor puppy

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Hiding from the big noisy fan - and the noisy paper shredder and the noisy bubble wrap. :) (we were cleaning the office - she was hiding under the desk. She was trying to get out without moving the chair which would have scared her too. :)
24th Jun 2005, 01:30   comments (1)

The Dress

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Umm - lots can be said about this dress...have fun

Contest!!! what does it look like???

20th Jun 2005, 16:48   comments (2)


(viewed 726 times)
Enraptured by the Dog show on tv - it was very entertaining... :)
18th Jun 2005, 12:40   comments (0)