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Usually don't have a whole lot to say but now i have a puppy so i just have to share - other new things may get posted later though. :)

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Praying to Mecca?

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that's what it honestly looks like - and she keeps falling asleep in that position. :)
18th Aug 2005, 13:10   comments (1)


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9th Aug 2005, 21:49   comments (1)


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"well mom's home sick, so i think i'm just going to keep her company. IF she can't sleep at least I can. . . " :)

As my bro said - it's a shame she can't find a comfortable position. :)
7th Aug 2005, 15:26   comments (3)


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She just begs to be photographed with her various sleeping positions. :)
2nd Aug 2005, 02:13   comments (1)


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What is this? Can you guess? :)
28th Jul 2005, 23:09   comments (8)


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This is the avocado salad I ordered. when i read that it had Avocado, crab caviar and mayo i figured it would be a mushed up salad like chicken salad or something similar. But no i got this really pretty (and VERY tasty) butterfly. :)
26th Jul 2005, 22:03   comments (4)

sleepy puppy

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I know it's a bit hard to see but she was asleep against my honey's foot. :) she was tired - she was sick all day and ready to pass out at night.

Today she is feeling much better though - so much so that after eating the mild food prescribed by the vet - she snuck over and finished off my fiance's pizza too while he was otherwise occupied. Sneaky wench. :)
25th Jul 2005, 02:49   comments (0)


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Also completely asleep....she shoved her face under the blankets (usually we do this TO her and she shakes it off) - I guess the light was just too darned bright for her. :)
18th Jul 2005, 11:37   comments (0)