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Sox is amazing
24th Apr 2006, 17:51   comments (0)


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I seriously saw this man yesterday. He was wearing a fanny pack and there's a Harly Davidson sticker on the front of his Segway. I laugh.
24th Apr 2006, 04:30   comments (4)

Earth Day 2006 (cont'd)

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This is all the trash we gathered, it's about 10 bags, 2 tires, 2 car batteries and a bike
22nd Apr 2006, 18:20   comments (1)

Earth Day 2006

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For Earth Day BSC's International and Exchange Club did some clean up at Carver's Pond in Bridgewater MA. I used the oppertunity to snap a few shots.

1. Looks like there was an abandoned structure, perhaps a damn?
2. Tree roots!
22nd Apr 2006, 18:15   comments (0)


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something a little different as far as this moblog goes and Zack's legs!
22nd Apr 2006, 17:26   comments (0)


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Wanted a pic of the dog but I liked how this came out anyway.
21st Apr 2006, 22:12   comments (0)

Risk 2210 AD

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and we didn't even get past year 3.
21st Apr 2006, 04:09   comments (0)

The Pose

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So hip, so cool.
20th Apr 2006, 00:36   comments (0)