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(T) ride home

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Reflections are beautiful
29th Apr 2006, 20:28   comments (0)

master at work

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Rich inivited Laura and I to a private screening of his last semester Production 1 projects at BU.

1. Here's Rich seperating his final, "Supermatrix", from a real filled with other final projects.
2. "The Conductor" is sepearated into three reels, one for the score, one for the sound effects, and one for the film itself.
29th Apr 2006, 16:56   comments (0)

Train to Boston

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I love the (T). I Always find something to snap while bouncing down the tracks. These were taken around 6:30 on the way in to visit Rich.

1. Laura making everything around her beautiful.
2. Sun through the door windows on the Red Line.
29th Apr 2006, 16:46   comments (0)


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1. Hoorah for Eric on the djun djuns
2. Salil and Jeremy

*not pictured: Laura and I dancing. Be thankful.
28th Apr 2006, 20:40   comments (0)

notes from poetry class

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I was wishing that I was an 2-d design right then
28th Apr 2006, 20:30   comments (0)

Shower Kitten

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Oh how I wanted to turn the shower on...
27th Apr 2006, 12:49   comments (7)

2 Jobs

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On Wednesdays I work at both the IT desk and the Bookstore:

1. The coffee that I was owed by Patricio. Thanx for hitting me back.
2. Colleen rules cuz she can count books. Watch her count them one at a time.
26th Apr 2006, 23:13   comments (2)

A couple of random things

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Last night I took these while hanging in the RA office of Woodward Hall. Enjoy.
25th Apr 2006, 18:39   comments (0)