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1. I found a robin's egg! First one of he season. It was soaking wet out and I was nice to see this baby blue reminder of the warm weather yet to come.
2. And this is the BSC bus. No real connection to spring here, but there are some pretty trees outside the window.
10th May 2006, 15:21   comments (0)

oh buyback...

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1. Some lunch break fun
2. Shark Hat-tack!
9th May 2006, 18:48   comments (0)


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Some fun w/ photoshop, although I really was making that face in the original image.
7th May 2006, 16:59   comments (0)

PM: Drinking AM: Sandcastles

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1. Laura posing with my drink. I looked like a deutsche last night with that ceramic pineapple. The juice inside was pretty good though.

2. As part of one of the worst promostions ever, the BSC Bookstore has a box full of sand by the register. Sara made this beautiful sand castle.
6th May 2006, 20:30   comments (0)

Some Randomness

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1. Me sleeping in the caf.
2. Ian's busted, p.o.s., elesticized mobile.
6th May 2006, 20:29   comments (0)


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Bored at IT after a long morning at the Bookstore.

1. Cables. And wires. Outlets too.
2. Anita dropped by and I had her get my check from student
5th May 2006, 19:49   comments (0)

This guy...

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should go back to grammar school. If you can't spell your degree, you
don't deserve a cap or gown. This college textbook store stinks.
4th May 2006, 22:08   comments (0)


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1. Before
2. After
30th Apr 2006, 22:01   comments (0)