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Late Contemplations

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It's been some time sense last I posted. Chalk it all up to my constant working and classing. Ya, summer classes immediatly following summer working. Oh well, here's some back tracking:

1. My sister looking positivly enthralled with an internal dialogue.
2. I took this going maybe 10 mph while driving up to my house. Everyone calm down, I was wearing a seatbelt.
3rd Jun 2006, 01:28   comments (0)

Partly cloudy with a chance of Monsoon

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So here's a before and after photo that might as well be an after and before photo. It was on and off monsoons at Bridgewater State College the other day, and I was out in it working IT as we did some sound checks for gaduation. Dublicate these photos up to three times and then mix them around in any order and it will accuratly portray any 30 minute intervil between 10am and 2pm.

21st May 2006, 15:17   comments (0)


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All I do is snap photos on the job anymore. Hopefully I'll do something funner over the weekend.

1. Hoorah for chairs at the auditorium.
2. And then the campus center windows.
19th May 2006, 04:36   comments (0)

Job Blogging

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1. The tent. And a ladder. I spent a good portion of my day
hanging speakers around the outside of this and then doing mic checks.
2. Earlier in the day I set up these two viewing station on the
first floor. Eric made me project manager. Good choice?
17th May 2006, 19:31   comments (0)


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I drive a '97 Saturn SL2. This picture is icky. YUCK!
16th May 2006, 18:08   comments (7)

Breakdown 2

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I like working for Dell. *evil eyes*
16th May 2006, 18:08   comments (0)


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2nd floor renovations at Maxwell start soon. Here's a bunch of junk
that's being taken into surplus cause some 3rd world youngens can make
better use of it.
15th May 2006, 17:32   comments (0)

Pretty Things

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1. I'm in love
14th May 2006, 19:41   comments (1)