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Rich's Brew

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Who doesn't love a small pitcher of Kamakazi?
1. Wooden spoon in a plastic kettle.
2. How tasty does this look?
30th Jun 2006, 20:00   comments (0)

To see RENT...

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Laura and I went into town yesterday.
1. Old North Church
2. Fade into fogginess
25th Jun 2006, 22:26   comments (0)

I hope he won

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This little boy was making me jelous. I had no quarters.
25th Jun 2006, 22:25   comments (0)

It's only as bad...

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as this leaf is beautiful. Don't let the rain get you down.
8th Jun 2006, 04:03   comments (1)

Park and Play

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7th Jun 2006, 13:20   comments (3)

My cat's on TV!

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I stink and I know it.
6th Jun 2006, 15:01   comments (0)

Best Buy Road Trip

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Just a couple of shots from the road. Rich was driving, calm down people.

1. I like the yellow road line.
2. Tried to get the driver for the fun of it, but I failed. The beauty is in the attempt.
5th Jun 2006, 03:39   comments (0)

Graduation Frog

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I spent last weekend as my first in Marshfield this year. It was good, and I regret the rain preventing my desire to return this weekend.

1. On Monday I returned to Bridgewater to attend a Grad Party but only stayed long enough to drink a beer, get pooped on by Covert-Op Catapillars and snap a shot of this frog.
2. Marshfield is still beautiful
3rd Jun 2006, 01:33   comments (0)