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Daily photos from my life, taken with my iPhone.

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This is one of my bikes-- my fixed-gear bike-- with a new saddle. You
may not be able to tell, but the saddle is black and blue with a
smattering of gray.
15th Jan 2009, 02:03   comments (0)

01/13/09, post-script...

(viewed 1001 times)
Which looks better: this version or the previous version? The previous
version was color-corrected with Photo Lab for the iPhone.
14th Jan 2009, 00:49   comments (0)


(viewed 690 times)
A hibiscus flower in my back yard, proving that not everything which
once there grew has died. :)
14th Jan 2009, 00:39   comments (0)


(viewed 736 times)
I got some new photography apps for my iPhone, so I set up a little
diorama and took some test pictures. This one was done with "Toy
Camera." given the subject of the diorama, I think it came out cool. :)
13th Jan 2009, 01:52   comments (0)


(viewed 791 times)
This is my girlfriend's son using his amazing powers of brain to bend
a thick, plastic baseball bat.

"There is no bat..."
12th Jan 2009, 05:57   comments (0)

01/10/09, part 2

(viewed 713 times)
And here is the error message from the crashed video game. LOL!
12th Jan 2009, 05:54   comments (0)

01/10/09, part 1

(viewed 722 times)
Another two-parter. At Chuck-E-Cheese's, my girlfriend spotted this
video game... yes, it's running Windows (2000, it looks like), and
yes, it has crashed.
12th Jan 2009, 05:51   comments (0)


(viewed 770 times)
Is this the dismnodied head of The Tick or some other badly-
proprtioned super hero? No, it's the shadow of a baby swing at my
local park. Sure looks like a head, though, don't it?
12th Jan 2009, 05:47   comments (1)
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