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I am Holly...
This is my moblog apparently..
Aidan is my boyfriend and he is fun! :)

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I study Film & Television studies at Northampton uni.. it's ok... it's a life!

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If I'm not mistaken, this is a daddy long legs. I saw it on Sunday at work. I'm no insect expert.. but it's not the season for them is it? :/
22nd May 2007, 14:39   comments (5)


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Is it sad that my new academic year diary excites me a bit?
15th May 2007, 11:51   comments (6)

My Maltesers!

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They were stuck together.
That's all.
14th May 2007, 16:28   comments (4)


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Revison or Harry Potter?
Harry.. I think.. :P
9th May 2007, 21:31   comments (7)

Is this a Beezer?

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19th Apr 2007, 17:32   comments (14)

Warkton animals..

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I went home yesterday and we went to the field at the back of my house to see if there were any sheep giving birth... there weren't but here's a lamb.. and a horse.
19th Apr 2007, 17:21   comments (2)

What's happening at Bangla Bazar?

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This is the most interesting thing that's happening in Northampton today...
there was a really nice dog chasing crows on the race course but i couldn't get a picture!

13th Apr 2007, 16:27   comments (2)

Some Moletography!

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Look at Mr Molesworth.. such a curious one!
4th Apr 2007, 18:43   comments (1)