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I'd try to be witty but I'm really not that funny....
Oh no wait, maybe that's a witty thing to say....
Oh am I trying too hard now?

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26th Jun 2006, 09:08   comments (1)


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23rd Jun 2006, 21:23   comments (1)

True corporate advice.

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+True corporate advice..
23rd Jun 2006, 20:51   comments (0)

The Bob

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The man, the legend....the Bob
23rd Jun 2006, 15:24   comments (1)


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Negative M&M;'s look really bad for you...although I've never imagined
them to be negative or not.
23rd Jun 2006, 15:20   comments (1)


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A collection of random notes I get left on my desk by Dave/Spike.
Made up of poems, song lyrics and odd thoughts. some very odd thoughts.
Best thing about the day though.
And one of my favourites
23rd Jun 2006, 10:25   comments (4)

The missing pic.

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23rd Jun 2006, 09:43   comments (1)

BBQ at spikes

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I didn't get there till gone half 10, and didn't take as many photo's as
I wanted. Then some women stole my 1.75 litre bottle of Jim Beam.
I'm wrecked this morning but I guess it was worth it, not loosing the JB
though, that's not worth it:-(
2 snaps I did get in the garden, dark shot of Ilikepancakes and then
chilling in the summer house.
23rd Jun 2006, 09:37   comments (4)