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I'd try to be witty but I'm really not that funny....
Oh no wait, maybe that's a witty thing to say....
Oh am I trying too hard now?

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Spikes BBQ

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Well others have posted pics of the event so I thought i'd post pics of
the place at about 2.45am.
some people were asleep others were out dancing, I was sat in the garden
on my own.
3rd Jul 2006, 09:34   comments (3)

Lincoln Cathederal

(viewed 582 times)
There isn't much good about Lincoln, the city I call my home but the
Cathederal is just awesome. I never get sick of the place and it
provides unlimites photo ops. just a couple of shots I took having a
wonder round late one night.
1: the front.
2: the back.
30th Jun 2006, 16:49   comments (0)

The ball

(viewed 627 times)
Now it melts...melts away for ever.
30th Jun 2006, 15:47   comments (5)

Just a ball

(viewed 508 times)
30th Jun 2006, 15:38   comments (3)

chilling with Gibb

(viewed 591 times)
He has a stupid fin but he's cool.
30th Jun 2006, 14:02   comments (4)

Just a bottle

(viewed 493 times)
30th Jun 2006, 13:58   comments (0)

The greatest place on Earth...

(viewed 535 times)
The Broadway cinema in Nottingham, good films, food, beer and people.
I love this place. If I could I'd live there.
29th Jun 2006, 09:00   comments (0)

sweet day

(viewed 483 times)
It looks like it's our day for sweets.
Some one else brought loads of Haribo....WOOT
28th Jun 2006, 14:57   comments (0)