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I'd try to be witty but I'm really not that funny....
Oh no wait, maybe that's a witty thing to say....
Oh am I trying too hard now?

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Let me AXE you a question

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Haha, I'm so funny..
7th Aug 2006, 10:40   comments (0)


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I have this stuck on my monitor at work. It's not been there long but
for some reason I'm really
empathising with this at the moment.I'm so Emo.
PS, I'm not EMO in the slightest.
1st Aug 2006, 16:00   comments (5)


(viewed 625 times)
Some one isn't feeling so happy with himself now is he!!

PS it's not mine and I didn't do it.
1st Aug 2006, 15:56   comments (3)

Brewerfest 2

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Couple of pics of Froggy on the drums with Detonal state.
Good shit.
24th Jul 2006, 09:41   comments (0)

Brewerfest 1

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Went to a DIY festival(That's not a festival for homeimprovement before
you say anything)
My mate Froggy was playing with Detonal state. It was in the
Lincolnshire wolds. Amazing place.
A good evening was had by all. Not many pics though.
24th Jul 2006, 09:40   comments (5)


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I've had a can of this stuff everyday for three days. I think it's
rotting my stomach.
20th Jul 2006, 09:22   comments (10)


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Luke just came and put this on my desk.
I'm not sure what kind of impression I'm giving people.
17th Jul 2006, 15:53   comments (5)

We can rebuild you.....

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A guilty Dave tries to repair the damage he's done to Shithead....I have
a feeling though that all the poor monkey is thinking is "Kill me...Kill
me now."
17th Jul 2006, 11:49   comments (11)