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I cross the Cleddau Bridge twice a day by bicycle on workdays, and the view it gives of the Milford Haven is a constant inspiration , whatever the weather. This moblog is simply the same awesome view on (hopefully) every day of my 50th year.


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10.15am, brilliant sunshine after a rainy start, light south westerly breeze.


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10.15am, strong south-westerly wind, not too cold, very blustery. I managed to catch the sunshine after the rain, which was also the sun before the rain... very showery day.


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about 3pm yesterday. The morning was the grimmest I've seen in a while, even for this time of year, dark heavy unrelenting greyness, which lifted around lunchtime, and left the rest of the day in bright sunshine, but very cold. Strong Northerly wind. Here, the bridge casts its shadow over Burton Ferry.


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10.15am, brilliant sunshine, light breeze, low tide.


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10.15am, very strong north-easterly wind, very cold despite the brilliant sunshine.


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8am Sunday Morning. Howling Northerly wind, sporadic icy rain. Fantastic cloud formations and dramatic light. Coming back, with the wind behind me, I could actually see the first drops of rain fall from a cloud over Pembroke Dock, glistening as they fell through a shaft of sunlight. Awesome!


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The boys and I did set out to take bridge photos, but the wind was too strong and the temperature too cold, and as Oliver used to remind me every time he couldn't/wouldn't do something "No, Daddy, I'm too small!" So, instead, we kicked some leaves and went for a cup of tea.


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both directions. 10.15am, bitterly cold, very strong wind.