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I cross the Cleddau Bridge twice a day by bicycle on workdays, and the view it gives of the Milford Haven is a constant inspiration , whatever the weather. This moblog is simply the same awesome view on (hopefully) every day of my 50th year.


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24/09/08 BP2

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There were some miles between these pics - I had to really force myself out of bed this morning and cycle the 10 miles to Haverfordwest to attend the Pembrokeshire Cycle Forum. It was an arduous and painful journey - I ached everywhere, and I think I must have taken soomeone else's legs with me - definitely a non-cyclist, as they just wouldn't turn. However, I was only 10 minutes late, and after a sit down and some strong coffee I was feeling much better. After the meeting an unexpected detour offered itself, and I cycled with the local Sustrans Manager to Broadhaven, instead of straight back home. Getting into Broadhaven is easy, you just roll. Getting out, whichever of the 3 routes you take, involves a killer climb. My mojo must have been in working order cos I did it without leaving the saddle, and had a very pleasant cruise home, completing around 25 (hilly) miles in total.


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I noticed a while ago that the bridge posts are numbered (I have previously posted one in the Numbers Game). Today I went and checked, and they start at, er, -12, on the Neyland side, and number over 500, so it seems sensible to take a photo from each one. Unfortunately most of the view is obscured by trees from #1, but it will soon get better!


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I was unable to post yesterday, due to being laid up with a bad case of manflu, and having no interwebs. I found this photo somewhere within the google archives of the bridge collapse back in 1970, when 4 workers were killed. This is the last serious bridgebuilding disaster in the UK. It delayed the opening of the bridge by 4 years, and brought in a new British Standard for bridge construction.


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These photos I found on a facebook group called "Pembroke and Pembroke Dock - Old Photographs" which can be found here: http://www.new.facebook.com/groups.php#/group.php?gid=28449207810
inspired me to provide you with a little history; the bridge did not become operational until 1975, and is constructed from a box-girder design, faults in which caused a collapse during construction which in turn caused several fatalities. Obviously, having only been here 5 years, I have no concept of what pre-bridge life was like, but the only way of crossing the river here was by ferry from Pembroke Dock to Burton Ferry. As it is now, the bridge is sometimes closed, mainly due to high winds, and traffic is then diverted 5 miles east to the nearest alternative crossing at Carew. Were it not for the bridge I would have to cycle approximately 30 miles to get to the bike shop, instead of the 3 I currently cycle.


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A day off from work, I was in Carmarthen all morning, so took this when I got back at lunchtime. The ferry sails at 2.30, am and pm.


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The last song I heard on my MP3 player this morning was Johnny Cash's version of Bridge Over Troubled Water. Coming home it was Brimful of Asha.


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...in daylight. #1 & #2 correspond to #1 & #2 in the previous post, #3 is a view OF the bridge from Hobbs Point in Pembroke Dock, which can be seen in #1. It isn't really at that angle, it's just the only way to get all of it in (its span is half a mile)