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I cross the Cleddau Bridge twice a day by bicycle on workdays, and the view it gives of the Milford Haven is a constant inspiration , whatever the weather. This moblog is simply the same awesome view on (hopefully) every day of my 50th year.


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This is what the view would have looked like yesterday. Nice, eh?


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in Lon-Don

16/10/08 BP20

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around 12.30pm, bright sunshine, strong but not unpleasant nor'wester, quite warm. This is the last post til Tuesday 21st, when I shall continue with bridgepost 21. I'm off to the Lon-Don tomorrow, and have to set off far too early for photography. If the Lon-Don has a bridge, I may take a photo from it.

15/10/08 BP19

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I noticed for the first time today that the footpath on the Eastern side of the bridge is numbered on the odd bridgeposts, so from today, even numbers will be looking West, out towards Milford Haven and the Iriah Sea, and odd numbers will look East, inland, past Burton Ferry to where the Cleddau divides into "East" and "West" rivers (or rather, where the twain meet). Also, this weekend I am going to the place called Lon-Don for a few days, and these missing days will serve to align the bridgepost numbers with the date. Of course, this will only work for the rest of this month...


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It's actually a gobbet of seagull shit on the front bedroom window, but it looks like a meteor falling on the Cleddau Bridge from this angle. It's the nearest I got to a bridge photo today, the rain being as wet as it was.

13/10/08 BP18

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Note to self: I should synchronise the number of the bridgepost and the date to make it easier to remember where I am. No post yesterday in concordance with Moblord's wishes that we don't post while they're repainting the swings. The "Toxico Cloud" was much in evidence today, pointing like fluffy finger of blame at the refinery. It doesn't officially exist, you know.


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Today we went to Cardigan on the bus, so the top shot was the only glimpse I got of the Cleddau Bridge. Our friend lives right by the Teifi, so I took these vastly differing photos a couple of hours apart, from maelstrom to millpond in such a short time. Coming back, thanks to the brilliant timetabling of Pembrokeshire County Council we were stranded in Haverfordwest for two hours on a cold and rainy saturday evening - the cardigan bus arrived at 6.15pm, but the pembroke dock bust left at 5 past, and there is no other bus until 8.20. Praise be to Morrisons, whose cafe was, miraculously for Pembrokeshire, open till 8pm.

10/10/08 BP17

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4pm, relentless drizzle, strong southerly wind. took me all my effort to raise my head above the parapet.