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I could hide in the calm of the eye of the storm and never blow away...

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Steve, Catherine and that bloke from the Dum Dums

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See, if we had two of him, one could stay home with CC, the other could come and marry me. Don't tell anyone i said that though...
13th Sep 2007, 01:14   comments (1)

My best pal and love of my life xxx

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My son Ryan - aka Spadger - on an idyllic day in Yorkshire. Love ya, ma boy! xxx
13th Sep 2007, 00:58   comments (0)


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They look like a transsexual 'Magic Numbers' tribute band - but in a good way !!!
13th Sep 2007, 00:35   comments (1)


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I know, i know, one is bad enough !!!
13th Sep 2007, 00:25   comments (0)


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Why do we do things like this. I know i'm not alone...
13th Sep 2007, 00:20   comments (1)


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After a fair few ales in the 'Trafford' pub, it was time to take our seats in the Stretford End for the England friendly versus Spain back in February. We nearly froze and Spain won 1-0. Thats Football for you...
13th Sep 2007, 00:05   comments (0)

Merry Hell

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Christmas shopping, eh? F@@@@@G CHAOS !!!
12th Sep 2007, 23:55   comments (0)

No wonder you can't kill him, there's 4 of him!!!

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The old 'CHANCERS' Glass Factory in West Bromwich lends itself as an advertising wall to fund its renaissance. I'd have this on the side of my house any day!
12th Sep 2007, 23:47   comments (0)