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A shared moblog for people to upload audio files
of them saying Hello, Hi, Salam, Guten Tag, Ohayo, Dzien dobry, Buenos Dias - or whatever else you say where you live!

suggested by bronxelf

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Hello everyone

(viewed 2043 times)

Posted by Puddikat

13th Nov 2006, 20:50   comments (6)

My message for Dhamaka

Just to show how much fun the best mans speech will be tomorrow...if anyone hear's me!Posted by Spike with tonsillitis!

Posted by Legardored

18th Aug 2006, 01:15   comments (24)


(viewed 1345 times)
Hello, Cleveland! ... I mean Moblog!

Posted by twfarlan

24th Jun 2006, 22:42   comments (5)

My Slighlty Drunk Hello to you all

(viewed 1740 times)
Enjoy everyone, its for you remember!

posted by Spike in a drunken stupor

Posted by Legardored

20th Jun 2006, 01:38   comments (30)


(viewed 1445 times)

Posted by silar31

2nd Apr 2006, 03:11   comments (3)

Bore da!

(viewed 2029 times)

posted by lefthanded04

20th May 2005, 23:42   comments (1)

This is entirely bronxelf's fault!

(viewed 1962 times)
And also done to prove that not all Australians sound like Kylie Minogue
or Steve Irwin...*shudder*

posted by Geodyne

21st Apr 2005, 01:18   comments (7)

I hope I've got this figured out

(viewed 2121 times)
At the request of bronxelf

posted by anathemad

3rd Apr 2005, 01:22   comments (10)
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