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Introductions. I hate introductions, never know quite what is worth omitting. Well I'm from sunny Lincoln, I constantly look like I need a hair cut and a shave, even if I have just had one, I sleep to much, spend to much eat too much and drink to much. Not at the same time.I like to play guitar and very recently the bass, I like Japanese cars, culture and media and phones and gadgets.

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look luke got a parcel!

(viewed 751 times)
God the temptation to open it is huge!
2nd Nov 2006, 11:28   | tags:,comments (3)

clever clogs

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He nearly looks intelligent....
1st Nov 2006, 15:58   comments (3)

Its christmas time.....already

(viewed 1536 times)
Can’t believe the victoria centre has their tree up already! Its nice though

Everyones a winner.......

(viewed 1785 times)
Well I am again,l got this from a prize drawer from shell! I pays to be a points card owner!
Look rich!I bet you want it!


(viewed 1601 times)
Look mr gibbs I had some too!

Tidy desk.

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Look I tidied my desk. Anyone who knows me knows this is a rare occasion!!
24th Oct 2006, 12:22   | tags:,,comments (4)


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So i went shopping for the first time im ages, normally just use the internet and in waterside there is a stall selling calenders for next year. Already. I can understand the tierry henry calender, the freddie lumberg and the david beckham one round the corner but john terry? He looks like phil tuffnell! There will be a wayne rooney one next.i hope its themed,pirate, astronaut, you know,to infinity and beyond and all that......

I miss this

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I realise how much I actually miss playing this, and How much I miss
goldeneye too.
18th Oct 2006, 10:13   comments (4)