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Introductions. I hate introductions, never know quite what is worth omitting. Well I'm from sunny Lincoln, I constantly look like I need a hair cut and a shave, even if I have just had one, I sleep to much, spend to much eat too much and drink to much. Not at the same time.I like to play guitar and very recently the bass, I like Japanese cars, culture and media and phones and gadgets.

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New arrival

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I havn't blogged much recently but I thought some of you might enjoy the
latest arrival into our household!
23rd Oct 2007, 09:26   comments (5)

Every Time I Die

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I got the new Every Time I Die CD delivered this morning, and this
sticker was on the front of it. It actually brightened up my morning!!
4th Sep 2007, 14:40   comments (0)

My new toy!!

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After my Ipod decided to stop working, I thought rather than spend my
money on another one, I'd look into some of the alternatives, and for
the money, this one was the best.

Well I received it yesterday, My new Meizu miniplayer M6 and I'm
extremly impressed with it, espcially with the Sennheiser headphones I
The bass response is superb, and the file support is brilliant, Mp3,
AVI, Divx WMA etc, all in a tiny little package! I love it :)

Oh and the best thing is, i'm allowed to take files OFF the device.
Unlike damn iTunes....

Home made Fisheye

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Recently I found a thread on a forum about home made fisheye lenses.
Basically you take a peephole that usually goes in a door, put it up to
the lens of your digi camera and zoon right in. Bit of fine tuning and
you can get some really good results. Like this one.

This was from a Yale peepholl (or spyhole) that I bought from ebay for about £2. Though I did see some no brand ones in Poundland the other day!
They should work with SLR's that have a zoom lens.

Obviously its not as good as a £200 fisheye camera, but for £2, who cares!!

More Pics

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Close ups
5th Apr 2007, 14:15   comments (1)

My girlfriend went on holiday.and all she got me....

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....... Was this amazing notebook! Its made me real life circuit boards and everything!

free cakes rule

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Free cakes! We had a customer visit and apparantly they wernt hungry!

ds what?

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Who needs a nintendo ds when you can go old school with the game boy pocket and marioland!!
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